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    That’s pretty much what it looks like.

British Slimming Centre
28 Years of Trust, Success & Research

British Slimming Centre is rendering outstanding services in the field of slimming for the last 28 years in Pakistan. During this period huge numbers of People have benefited themselves from different branches conveniently located in different parts of the country. The technique of treatment is quite simple, easy, free from side effects and duly tested by government laboratories.

All slimming Programs of British Slimming Center are result-oriented. The organization is operating under the supervision of experienced experts & nutritionist.

To check increasing weight and maintain ideal weight, the British Slimming Center has introduced Micro Chip Technology in Food, an extract of British research, in Pakistan through popular packages. These packages are full of nutritional elements which help removing at once extra fats of the body without causing any weakness.

How to Get Fat?

Calories obtained from food provide energy to the body but extra calories turn into fatty bulges causing obesity and one becomes fat. Every person of average build & height requires about 2500 calories of food energy daily but British Slimming Centre has transformed 2500 calories of food energy into a sachet of 110 calories only. This means the body has received 2390 calories less than before which is equivalent to burning of calories through 14Km walk. The already existing fats on the body would fulfil the requirement by converting into calories once again. Extra fats as such burn gradually. The body thus becomes slim without creating any feeling of weakness .

Why British Slimming Centre for Getting rid of obesity?

  • 28 years of service and experience of reducing weight from 15 to 256 pounds of 96 Lacs of registered persons.
  • First in introducing the latest British Micro Chip Technology in Food in Pakistan.
  • Removal of unwanted extra fatty bulges from the body without causing any adverse effect under the supervision of qualified Doctors.
  • No drug, no exercise, no starvation and no mock use of machines. BSC prescribed package contains more than 50 nutritional elements that fulfill the energy requirement of the body.
  • Certificates regarding free from adverse effects from the certified institutes of the country.
  • Over 96 lacs satisfied clients who successfully reduced their extra weight through BSC program.
  • Packages of British Slimming Center are considered most effective for losing extra weight not only in Pakistan but also in Middle East, Asia and other part of the world.
  • All BSC programs give 100% Results because they are prescribed on BMR formulation.
  • BSC packages are recommended by all renowned Doctors and Physicians of the Country because these are considered most effective for losing weight.
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