Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will everyone lose weight on this British Slim Formula (B.S.F)? I've tried everything and nothing seems to work.

Yes! Everyone should lose weight with the British Slim Formula (B.S.F), the only difference is how much and how fast. No one, over a period of time, can maintain their weight on the rapid weight loss plan of just 330 calories a day. There has to be a continued FAT loss when utilizing the British Slim Formula (B.S.F)as the sole source of nutrition. Nature makes men burn more calories than women; therefore men lose faster.

Can I maintain my weight after I finish my British Slim Formula (B.S.F)?

Of course YES, it is very easy to maintain the weight after losing the weight through our British Slim Formula (B.S.F).

Why people regain the weight after our British Slim Formula?

Physicians, physician groups, hospitals, emergency departments, urgent care centers, radiology groups, anesthesia groups and physicial therapy groups can all benefit from our services.

Does it contain any medicine, preservative, steroid or side effect?

No not at all, it is simply and purely a well nutrition and low calories diet formula which does not contain any medicine, chemical, steroid. That’s why it doesn’t leads to any SIDE EFFECT; any people from 13 to 70 years of age can use our formula to reduce their weight.

Why doctors suggest or insist to reduce weight?

Doctors suggest to lessen the overweight in the people who are suffering from hypertension, diabetes mellitus, ischemic heart diseases, Pickwick Ian syndrome and osteoarthritis.

Why doctors recommend BRITISH SLIMMING CENTRE?

British Slim Formula (B.S.F) is probably one of the most comprehensively tested formula for weight reduction, unlike other weight reducing regime, it does not lead to breakdown of muscle protein and wasting. It is the fat which mobilized and consumed thereby constituting a major bulk or weight lose.

Will the British Slim Formula (B.S.F) benefit my arthritis?

The British Slim Formula (B.S.F) will not cure any type of arthritis but symptoms in arthritis of the weight-bearing joints will probably be alleviated by the loss of excess weight. Patients frequently report that they are able to decrease the amount of anti-inflammatory drugs. Some claim total freedom from any symptoms.

I have diabetes. Is the British Slim Formula (B.S.F) OK for me?

Patients with diabetes MUST be under the direct supervision of their physician. A growing number of medical experts, however, familiar with Very Low Calorie Diets, feel that this is the method of choice for the treatment of obese maturity onset diabetes. There are many case histories in which all clinical evidence of diabetes disappears as the patient approaches his ideal weight.

Why do you recommend drinking so much liquid every day?

Water is good for you! Our bodies consist of over 60% water, so we need to constantly replace our body fluids. Sufficient liquid intake is also required to keep our kidneys functioning properly, to help prevent constipation and interestingly, to help prevent fluid retention

Surely, I’ll become constipated, only consuming 330 calories a day?

It depends on what you mean by constipation. As much less bulk is being consumed you should not expect to be as regular as you were before you started the British Slim Formula (B.S.F) programme. This is perfectly normal and no cause for concern. However, it is quite permissible to add bran to your daily intake, always bearing in mind the calories you will also be adding. The problem tends to be worse if sufficient fluid is not consumed, so it is important to follow our recommended intake of fluids a day.

I'm worried that by losing a lot of weight quickly, I will look gaunt and • haggard. Are you sure this won't happen?

On the contrary, slimmer’s who lose weight with the British Slim Formula (B.S.F) not only are healthy; they look healthy – probably because of the fine nutritional content. The drawn look usually occurs when people have been starving themselves or have lost weight through illness. With the British Slim Formula (B.S.F) you’re not depriving yourself of anything – except calories.

Is there any chance that my skin will be affected by the British Slim Formula (B.S.F)?

Yes … in a very positive manner. B.S.F Dieters often comment on an improvement in their complexion and skin tine generally. The reason is quite simple: proper nutrition.

What is the role of exercise in your British Slim Formula (B.S.F)?

You will definitely benefit as moderate exercise is certainly important to help your muscle tone. However, do not start a rigorous exercise programme at the same time you start the B.S.F. formula. This will be too much of a strain for your body. Whatever your exercise plans, take it easy at first.

I suffer from high blood pressure. Is the British Slim Formula (B.S.F) OK for me?

A patient’s blood pressure is usually lowered once they are successfully losing weight with the plan and this is aided by the low sodium content and diuretic effect. Therefore, it is extremely likely that anyone taking anti-hypertensive medication will need the dosage decreased. That’s why it’s important a physician monitor the situation. The patient should never ‘prescribe’ for himself.

Is the Very Low Calorie Diet suitable for the elderly?

For the obese elderly with a medical problem such as maturity onset diabetes, arthritis or high blood pressure, the diet plan, used under medical supervision, could be extremely beneficial. For the overweight elderly without such conditions, it is probably unnecessary to lose height.

Am I too heavy to exercise?

There’s no excuse for not pursuing some kind of mild exercise programme. It doesn’t matter how overweight you are, you can always start slowly, spending just a few minutes a day on a non-strenuous routine. Walking is an excellent activity.

Does the British Slim Formula (B.S.F) contain any preservatives?

There are no preservatives, drugs or diuretics in the formula. It is a natural food supplemented with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and electrolytes.

What is the shelf life?

An unopened sachet of the formula is good for 8 months.

Will dieting hurt my sex life?

On the contrary. Many people enthusiastically comment on a new ‘frisky’ attitude. It’s not surprising really, when you realize the increased physical vigor and mental self-enhancement which accompanies the rapid weight loss.

I have a sweet tooth. Can I add artificial sweetener to the formula?

It’s entirely up to you. Many people find, however, that they seem to have much less desire for sweet things when consuming.

I've heard of people losing hair on this kind of diet. Can this be true?

On rare occasions, people have reported combing out a few more hair than normal. There is no cause for alarm. After a very short period of time, hair grows normally again. Many more people actually notice the opposite effect – hair growing back. And most people report their nails and hair growing faster.

I am going through the 'change of life'. Is British Slim Formula (B.S.F) ok for me?

Yes! There’s no reason why menopause should hold you back from getting your body in tip-top shape. The diet plan should be positive step at this stage of your life, making you look and feel better. We have encountered women who have found they experience fewer hot flushes while on the diet.

Is British Slim Formula (B.S.F) suitable for vegetarians?

Yes. For lacto vegetarians not vegans, and for nearly all religious groups. The Chicken & Herb and Beef Soups are the only flavors containing meat extract.

Why do some people feel cold when they are slimming?

When people reduce their food intake, the body reduces its energy/heat output so unless they wear more clothes, (or move to Florida) they will tend to feel the cold.

Why do you lose water when you diet?

When you diet, you obviously reduce your intake of calories. This will mean that initially the body is using up part of its store of glycogen. Since each gram of glycogen in the body binds with four grams of water, when the glycogen is burnt up as energy, it releases four grams of water Conversely, when people who have used up their glycogen stores ‘binge’ on carbohydrate, they will notice a rapid weight gain of up to three or four pounds because the glycogen stores are once again filled … with both glycogen and water.

Why do ex-smokers gain weight?

Because smoking increases your metabolic rate. When they give up smoking the average person will find that their metabolic rate declines by as much as 250 calories a day. That’s a lot. If they eat the same as before, they will be taking in 3500 calories more than they need every 14 days. That will put on 1 pound per two weeks. Unless an adjustment is made, the pounds will go piling on until they have gained perhaps two stone in the course of a year! And of course the ex-smoker typically turns to chocolate and sweets to console himself – which only compounds the problem. Now smoking is a much bigger health hazard than obesity, so we are very definitely urging you to give up smoking. But we are also urging you to make a specific adjustment in your eating habits at the same time.

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