What is Micro Chip Technology in Food?

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What is Micro Chip Technology in Food?

In this age of modern technology, the British Doctors and Technical experts after years of research have been able to discover an extremely effective formula called Micro Chip Technology in Food to check obesity and get rid of it. The formula is in the format of food supplement soluble in water. It includes all nutrients, minerals, salts, proteins and Trace Elements. This formula is also known as “low calorie plan”. It contains maximum nutrition in minimum calorie. It is equal to Modern Micro Chip Technology, so it has been named Modern Micro Chip Technology in Food. The successful medical trials at University of Surrey has proved that now even people with low metabolism can safely lose 16 to 22 pounds of weight in an average of 4 weeks. It includes an army of 50 micro-nutrients.

16 Kilometer Walk Daily or A Sachet of Helle’s VIP Power Pack Result is the same


The magical effect of Micro Chip Technology in Food formula can be easily seen by seeing Nayab Haider’s pictures who reduced 90 Pounds of weight through our Karachi branch. You can also lose weight as much as you like and attain an ideal figure.

Rule is Very Simple

Calories obtained from food provide energy to the body but extra calories turn into fatty bulges causing obesity. Every person of average build & height requires about 2500 calories of food energy daily but British Slimming Centre has transformed 2500 calories of Food energy into a sachet of 110 calories only. This means the body has received 2390 calories less than before which is equivalent to burning of calories through 14 Km walk. The already existing fats on the body would fulfill the requirement by converting into calories once again. Extra fats as such burn gradually. The body thus becomes slim without creating any feeling of weakness.

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